Drum Slings


The amazing Drum Sling:

- Carry your Alexadria Doumbek with ease.

- Drum Harness comes in two sizes, the standard six lug and the smaller four lug.

- Virtually no interuption of strikes to the head of the drum

- Comfort and ease of wear

- Velcro closure for ease of putting on and off the drum

- Wide padded strap for comfort

- The strap is adjustable at both the top and bottom

- Left handed? No problem, just leave a note in your order and we'll send you a left handed harness.

- Think you need a smaller or larger than average strap? Just leave a note on your order of your standard clothing size and I will send the appropriate strap.

$35 + $5 shipping and handling. If you are in Seattle, they are also available for pick up.

Six Lug Drum Sling

Four Lug Drum Sling