Monday 6:15-7:30pm

Tribal Fusion Drills and Solo Improv

Yoga warm up, then we'll do at least 45 minutes of Tribal fusion drills on locks, pops, arms, glutes etc to work on technique and presision. Each week we will also work on either mini choreograpies or solo technique. Based on the needs and desires of class we may do some full length choreographies also. I have plenty of yoga mats, so bring your own if you want, but borrowing is fine also. This class is good for experienced beginner to intermediate level dancers. This is a fast paced class that doesn't spend a lot of time breaking down drills. We keep the pace moving and get a great workout while refining our technique.

$10 per class, drop ins are fine.


Thursday at the Abyssinian Dance Center

Beginning Tribal Fusion


2028 SW 152nd Street #4, Burien, Washington  98166

This class is for beginners or people who are interested in exploring the differences between tribal/tribal fusion and other styles of dance. We spend time drilling and breaking down moves to the pace of the class.



~Tayissa teaches private and semi private classes in her home studio in Burien.

Classes are typically 1 to 1 1/2 hours and include a brief yoga stretch, drills, and focus on studen specific goals. Classes combine drills of basic movements with combination and layering techniques to not only reinforce muscle memory but to also achieve the straightening and toning of muscles. Short choreographies and training in improvisation style dancing are emphasized. Tayissa believes in tailoring classes to the students, modifying terminology and style to meet the needs of every student. Because break downs of movements are essential, emphasis on technique and healthy posture are taught.


tayissablue (at) yahoo (dot) com


Tayissa believes firmly that every woman should have the opportunity to learn to dance regardless of financial situation. Please feel free to write if you are interested in bartering for instruction.