Tayissa Blue

"Every day is lost on which we do not dance at least once"

-Frederick Nietszche

As a child growing up in rural New Hampshire the highlight of my year would be to walk through the sweltering July heat to our town street fair. The delights were myriad, rides, cotton candy, balloons, shopping, and face painting. For myself however, a young girl at the age of 10, the best part of the entire experience was to witness the grace of the belly dancers. Beautiful glamorous women, shimmering sequins, silken veils, high heels and flashing smiles filled with a love of life that I could only just begin to see and feel in my own heart. At the time I could not even conceive of being so amazing.

Over the next 10 years, like most young people I encountered a wide variety of life shaping experiences. I was quite shy and insecure about who I was, but with a grim resolve I decided that I could be whoever I wanted. I signed up to take my first bellydancing class. Lorraine Purdy was my instructor. She had been dancing for over 20 years and had, not surprisingly, been one of the women I had first seen dance at those street fairs.

Thus began my journey of dance.

Another decade has passed to bring me to the present. In that time I have traveled the globe and learned from many amazing instructors, always in search of further dance. Along the way I have endeavored to share the knowledge I have gained with others. As I have learned more about myself in this way I have discovered a simple truth, dancing makes my entire being feel good. It feeds not only my body but also my soul. I Am one of those beautiful glamorous women that I remember from my childhood, not because of sequins, make up, or veils, but because we are all creatures both amazing and divine if only we allow ourselves to be.

Dance allows me to dream, Dance is My connection to the Divine, Dance is the gift I give to myself.